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A Carpenter’s Pride in Uganda by Minallah Shamimu, Munir Primary School

A carpenter is someone who makes things out of wood. Carpenters usually make furniture such as tables, chairs, benches and desks. For one to be a good carpenter one should be trained in carpentry skills and have the materials and tools required for one’s job. Some of the materials a carpenter uses are wood, timber, nails, glue sandpaper and varnish. The tools include a saw, a plane, a drill and a hammer. All these materials and tools required are important for a carpenter’s work. It is out of wood which often comes in the form of planks of timber that the carpenter creates the things he makes.
Wood is therefore the carpenter’s raw material. He also needs tools to shape these raw materials into objects. The objects should not only be useful but also pleasant to the eye and touch. With the saw, the carpenter will cut the wood, with the plane he will make it fairly smooth, with the drill make holes in it and with the hammer he will drive nails into it. For most types of objects, that the carpenter makes, nails and glues ensure that the carpenter would not be able to join the different pieces of sawn are very important-in fact they are joined.
Otherwise the carpenter’s customers might end up with things which are weak, wobbly and short lived. The carpenter also has to make things he creates look nice. He therefore polishes them with sandpaper and applies varnish to them. The sandpaper takes care of rough surfaces, whereas the varnish to them. The sandpaper takes care of the rough surfaces, whereas the varnish makes the surfaces look shiny and beautiful. A carpenter’s job is only done when the varnished surface has dried then he can sit beside what he has made and look at it with pride.