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Storytelling for Rural Literacy and Transformation

Storytelling for Rural Literacy and Transformation was formed with an objective to equip the students/writers with skills and tools for effective storytelling that will enable them bring positive change within their communities while capturing most pressing and important issues through storytelling. Other objectives were/included:

  1. Build self confidence, esteem and teamwork among the writers.
  2. Help in disseminating positive messages to the community through storytelling.
  3. Prepare the participants for future opportunities in writing


  1. Achieved one of the activities on the work plan.
  2. Registered a total of 36 participants including one teacher/patron
  3. Compiled ninety five (95) stories.
  4. Popularize the learning centre.
  5. Bridged the gap between NSU and the Schools.
  6. Printed T-shirts that were shared with the different contributing schools.
  7. Magazines were printed and distributed to the respective schools, stakeholders and other organizations.
  8. NSU team participated in the Aringa Education Conference, where they highlighted the challenges faced by young people in Yumbe district.
  9. Cultivated the culture of reading amongst the NSU team.

Young Climate Voices

Through our "Peace First" project, we are training young people in climate change practices and advocating for tree planting to address the environmental impact of cutting down trees for fuel. Our unique partnership approach focuses on building relationships with stakeholders and deploying non-grant funding for maximum impact.

The other objectives were;

  1. To motivate students to keep their surroundings green and clean through tree planting.
  2. To promote ethos of environmental conservation through environmental education to create awareness among the public on proper waste management.
  3. To sensitize students on the minimal use of plastic bags.


  1. Mentored two climate change young ambassadors.
  2. Raised the need for inclusiveness of young voices in climate advocacy and mitigation.
  3. Planted 8 jackfruit tree seedlings as part of climate interventions.
  4. Impacted over 1000 people both indirectly and directly. 

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