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A Journey to South Western Uganda by Medina Mbabazi Bilali, Munir Primary School

Last month, primary five pupils of Lokutua Primary School visited South Western Uganda. They were led by their teacher Miss Aseru, Mrs Medina, Mrs Naima and Mr Odoi. Their headmistress Mrs Rashida prayed for their safe journey. After the prayer, she asked them to behave well while on the bus do not shout or throw rubbish through the window, she warned on entering the bus. The driver Mr Asega reminded the pupils to fasten their seatbelts. No body carried extra luggage except Miss Yasaba for the luggage belonged to her neighbour Mr Kayihura. She didn’t have bus fare to travel upcountry. You do not need a ticket for this luggage joked the conductor. The luggage would be offloaded at Muhanga trading centre.

When they were about to reach at Buwama Town, some pupils shouted, the equator! The equator! We want to see the equator, stop the bus for we are at the most important latitude Mr Odoi said as the bus stopped. The pupils eagerly jumped out of the bus at the equator. Both the pupils and their teachers jumped posed for photos at the equator before their departure. The moment they left Masaka town, Mr Asega started driving fast; we are soon reaching Lake Mburo National Park said one of the teachers said. The pupils requested the driver to slow that in order not to knock any wild animal crossing the road. Though the bus did not stop at Lake Mburo National Park, the pupils saw a few wild animals. They saw zebras and antelopes along the high way while buffaloes were seen in a distance.

Faiza informed her classmate that what they saw was just a fraction of the animals in the park, other animals like giraffes could be found after traveling deep inside the park. On reaching Mbarara town, the pupils had lunch at Mbarara University’s restaurant. Mr Itoma had prepared their lunch earlier on. After lunch, Miss Aseru asked the pupils to board the bus again, we have to leave for Kabale and reach Lake Bunyonyi early she explained.

On reaching Kabale town, they branched off the main road and headed for Lake Bunyonyi. At Lake Bunyonyi, the pupils enjoyed the beauty of the lake. They also liked motorised boat ride and bird watching. The pupils and their teachers spent their night at Kabale-Bukinda primary teachers college; it was a day very well spent.

The following day, they travelled to Kisoro town, after reaching the town they immediately went to Mgahinga National Park where they saw mountain gorillas mainly of the Nyakigezi family. They were happy to see the birds and animals in Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi National Park. The pupils learnt many things from the journey to South-Western Uganda.