Nested Savings

A Narrow Escape

long time ago, when I was a pupil of king’s way primary school, my father could take us to school for fear of the kidnappers since my school was very far away from our home and it was a nice school that had no boarding facility. There were very many kidnappers so parents did not want their children to foot.
One fateful day my father had an appointment far away that he had to wake up earlier than usual and asked our mother to take us to school, after breakfast, my mother called a bike man, when he arrived she asked my brother to board and walk to school but when I tried to insist she asked me to look for my biological mother to take me to school. I didn’t know she was my step mother until that day so I decided to walk because when I do not go to school I may lose a lot in class and she was going to give me a lot of work at home to do.

After walking a long distance some two men came on the road one closing my mouth while the other carrying me. They took me far away in the bush in a certain unfinished building. They asked my names I told them, my father’s contact I told them I don’t know and one man asked me for any contact I know I replied I don’t know any, they were furious and started frightening me saying we kill her, I replied I don’t know and am not afraid to die, or you people thought that when I was walking I didn’t expect this to have happened! They one who was threatening me said this girl is crazy. Two hours later they were a sleep but had left me entangled I could not run fortunately I had a wrist bangle on so I decided to break so as to cut the ropes to untie myself. When I untied myself and started running one woke up and started pursuing me up to the road. Fortunately one of my father’s friends saw me running and the one pursuing me, he decided to follow us on realising that someone is following in a car the kidnapper took off and my father’s friend took me home.