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A Story About Kamese by Shadia Nashreen, Munir Primary School

In Lusozi village, there lived a man called Kamese. This man was given that name by the village members because his mother gave birth to him when he was small as a rat. Surprisingly, Kamese grew into a fat and tall man. Unfortunately, Kamese’s parents didn’t have money to pay his school fees so Kamese never went to school though this never failed him from fulfilling his dreams.

Kamese had a plan of educating his children. He did this because he never got any chance to go to school. Therefore when he married his wife, he asked his father to give him a piece of land which he built a hut on because he never had money to build a big house from. Kamese and his wife were blessed with four children, two boys and two girls. Even when Kamese’s children grew, he never rushed to build a big house. He instead continued to work hard while saving money which he would use to pay school fees for his children.

Residents of Lusozi used to laugh at his house but this didn’t bother him. This is because Kamese knew that educating his children is an investment. Kamese frequently talked to his children and asked them to take education very serious for which they also understood. After few years, Mukisa; Kamese’s first born graduated as a surgeon. After his graduation, he was employed at Mulago Hospital. Just after three years, Grace Kamese’s second born also graduated as an engineer. These two children worked and build a storeyed house for their parents. They also started a poultry farm for their parents from which Kamese and his wife earned from money.