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A Story About Sanyu Radia by Medina Mbabazi Bilal, Munir Primary School

There lived a girl in our neighbourhood called Sanyu Radia. Sanyu Radia is a 14 year’s old living with her parents. She is a pupil in primary 5, studying in Lukutua Primary School. She is very hard working girl both at home and school. All the teachers at her school loves her so much, she is the Head Girl of their school. She is so popular with everyone, kind, tolerant and God fearing. She has almost all the character of a leader, ever smart and her parents love her so much because of her good characters.
One day, I asked her to tell me why she is schooling in Lukutua Primary School and yet Munir Primary School is the nearest school to her, she told me that she prefers schooling in a far distance school. At first where she was staying with her elder sister in Odravu sub-county, she was schooling in a far distance school in Kumina Primary School. She does not like schools near their home, whereby when you feel hungry; you just rush home at any time you feel like. Sanyu Radia does not like that habit. She also told me that schooling in a nearby school will make her lazy all the time and again it will make her wake up for school late. Her being in Lukutua is good for her and she always wakes up early and does all the works she has to do in time and goes to school early. Sanyu Radia is the last born in their family and loved by her parents.

She helps her parents a lot during holidays. She does also domestic work and farming too. Whatever she asks from her parents, they give her without any hesitation because she helps them a lot. She also gives total respect to her parents, you cannot find Sanyu playing or staying at someone else’s home doing nothing. If she has nothing to do at their home, she goes inside her room and revises her books and does her homework.

One day my mother sent me to the market to buy for her a half kilogram of beef instead I bought for her a kilogram of beef, yet she told me to return some of the balance back to be used the next day. Reaching home, my mother saw the meat and requested for her balance. I told her that I didn’t hear her well; I thought she had told me to buy a kilo of meat. My mother was very annoyed with me, she said; “I wish I had a child life Sanyu Radio, her parents never gets angry with her because she always makes her parents happy.”

One weekend I went to Sanyu’s home to narrate to her what annoyed my mother, she was not happy with me and told me that what I did was wrong. Whenever her mother sends her to the market, she records each and everything such that with the list, she can buy everything she has been sent for without any complain. The following day, I also went with Sanyu to wash clothes at our borehole. On our way to the borehole, I asked her to be my best friend so that she may continue advising me for which she accepted only on condition that accept to be corrected of my mistakes. She also asked me again; “why do you want me to be your friend?” I told her that she has good behaviours, hardworking, her parents loves her and gives her all that she needs at any time she is in need of. I requested her further to teach me such that I be like her, she replied that; “If I want to be like her, I should respect my parents and be a hardworking girl, help them whenever they need your help.”

In our neighbourhood, each and everyone talks about Sanyu Radia’s good behaviours. I used not to cook food and neither washed clothes of my young sisters but after seeing the advantage of helping parents from Sanyu Radia I changed immediately. I started asking my mother about dirty clothes she has. I do each and every work my mother asks me to do.

One evening when I was from school, I heard my mother’s voice praising me to one of our neighbour’s that my daughter has changed totally, she is now doing all the work I ask her to do for me without any complain. These days she stays with Maimuna’s daughter, Sanyu Radia. She might have changed her, I thank God for that. I wish you also send your daughter Sauda to join them too and become a helpful girl as mine now. “I will go home and tell my daughter about Sanyu Radia’s behaviours and would encourage her to join her as soon as possible to become a good girl in this village of Oyaru,” said my mother’s neighbour.

I want to be given that love that Sanyu Radia’s parents have for her by my parents too.