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Catch A Thief by Izama Amir Yusufu, Munir Primary School

One night Mrs. Katunda was sleeping when she was woken by a strange noise. She quietly got out of bed and took her torch from the table. She flashed the torch around the room, but there was nothing to be seen. Then she heard a door slam and her goat started bleating, Mrs Katunda rushed into the sitting room and looked out of the window. There was her washing hanging on the lines and there was a thief. With her new radio one hand and a heavy bag in the other, Mrs Katunda yelled “stop a thief! Stop”. The man looked very frightened and ran across the garden.

He jumped over the fence into her neighbour’s garden, Mrs Katunda’s neighbour Kato heard the noise of the goat bleating. Mr. Kato ran into his garden and saw the thief making his escape. Mr Kato was a policeman, so he knew just what to do. He chased the thief and caught him, and then he took him to the police station. Mrs Katunda was very grateful. The police gave her back her radio and her watch which as well as many other stolen items they found in the thief’s bag.