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Early Marriages and Teenage Pregnancy by Subra Hatima Baba, Munir Primary School

My name is Subra Hatima Baba; I am 14 years old and pupil in Primary Seven at Munir Primary School. During lockdown, many girls got pregnant everywhere in Uganda. Some girls were moving at night playing with boys and men who ended up into sexual intercourse, pregnancy and STDs.

A girl called Sisia used to live with her step mother, the woman was so cruel and harsh on Sisia. Sisia ended up meeting a man who gave her money and luxurious gifts; she fell in love with the man. The man forced Sisia to have sex with him; she got pregnant on top of that she also got HIV/AIDs. When Sisia’s step mother got to know about her pregnancy, she chased her away from home making her life in danger and hard because the man who impregnated her did not even want her.
Abstinence is the best way of avoiding pregnancy!