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Izama Amir Yusuf, Munir Primary School

My name is Izama Amir Yusuf, I am in Munir Primary School, and I am in primary six. I have a sister whose name is Zuriat. During lockdown, my mother sent her to sell samosas at the trading centre. One evening, at around 7:00pm she met a boda boda man who had been asking to marry her but she refused. He called his four brothers who came and carried my sister to his house, locking her inside and defiled her. A few months later she found out that she was pregnant. Getting pregnant as a teen, resulted in her stopping to attend school making her feel sad and alone, this is especially with teenagers who are afraid to tell their parents or guardians when they are pregnant, scared and alone. Without the support of the family or other adults pregnant teenagers are likely to go for antenatal care which is very important for the health of the mother and the baby. If you suspect that you might be pregnant visit the health facility near you. The common signs below do not necessarily mean you are pregnant; missing menstrual period, vomiting (morning sickness), sudden dislike of certain foods, pain in the nipples or breasts, breasts may become large and feel tender, feeling tired frequently, frequent urination, feeling dizzy, weight gain, dropping out of school and health complications.

Teenage mothers are likely to suffer from health complications during pregnancy and during birth than older woman. This is mostly because as a teenager, the body is not developed enough to handle the process of giving birth. These complications include high blood pressure, bleeding, infections, obstetric, fistula a condition whereby a hole develops in the birth canal leading to leakage of urine.
My uncles wanted the man to give money to my mother in order to marry her but she refused. After giving birth, my mother encouraged her to return to school and promised to support her to complete her studies. The baby is now one year and four month old who spends the day with my mother while my sister is at school.

I advise parents to stop sending children especially girls to the market and shops in the evening and girls should not walk alone at night for it is dangerous and school is the safest place to be. At school, you acquire knowledge and learn new skills like reading and writing; these skills will help you now and in the future. Education also prepares you to achieve your dreams like becoming a doctor or teacher. I encourage all children to stay in school and focus on their studies. Teachers please guide and counsel learners, they went through a lot of challenges during lockdown and looking upon us to give them hope. Do not listen to sweet words from strangers or accept anything for free. Stay at home and report to your parent or trusted adult when you feel disturbed by anyone to avoid trouble from men, give them a serious No! And also refuse to listen to them. Walk away from strangers and to not be in trouble avoid bad peer groups which might lead you into alcoholism. If you have a problem, do not fear to ask your parents.

A girl in our village was defiled on the way as she walked with a man, the man was arrested and she was taken to hospital for testing. Girls should avoid being alone with boys and men!