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Little Red Riding Hood by Bako Suraya Akbar Brahan, Munir Primary School

A long time ago, there lived a girl who was called Red Riding Hood because she was always wore a red cloak and hood in winter to keep her warm and hot.

One day her mother asked her to take a basket full of food to her grandfather who lived at the other side of the forest. She put on her cloak and her hood, picked up the basket and started out on the long journey through the forest on the way she met a dog “where are you going little girl?” asked the dog. “I am taking this this basket of food to my grandfather who lives at the other side of the forest.” said the little Red Hood. “Oh” said the dog with a grin. “Go carefully through the forest as there are many dangerous wild animals out there” then off ran the dog. The cleaver dog took a shortcut running as fast as he could to reaching the old man’s cottage he knocked at the door “who is there?” called out the grandfather. “It is Red Hood” answered the dog. The old man lifted the latch allowing the dog to walk in. Before the old man had time to cry out, the dog pounced on him and ate him up.

“It is better to see you my dear” said the cleaver dog. “Grandfather, what big ears you got there” better to hear you with said the cleaver dog. “What big teeth you have got there, grandfather?” all the better to eat you with said the dog as he jumped out of the bed and ate the little girl.

Lesson: It is good to know better our friends as they can be dangerous to our lives.