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Monkey, Lion and Hare by Izama Amir Yusufu, Munir Primary School

Once upon a time, the three animals Monkey, Lion and Hare were friends. They worked and ate food together. The animals loved themselves so much but one day, the lion and went for hunting while hare was staying at home. When they reached the forest, they saw a zebra and the zebra escaped. Lion did not get the zebra and they checked all the forest, they did not find any animal in the forest and indeed the three animals were hungry.

Hare then set off his journey to the forest to find food. On his way to the forest, he found the lion resting under the shade of the tree and he told lion to wake up. While the lion was waking up, there was a big hole near them. Lion did not see the big hole; lion fell into the big hole. Hare went to call monkey, they did not meet. After a short moment, monkey arrived while lion was very hungry, he told monkey that; “please help me, pull me out.” Monkey said; “Will you not eat me?” lion responded; “Yes, I will not eat you, you are among the best friends of mine.” Then monkey pulled out lion. Later lion said; “I am very hungry and there is no food to eat, so you are my food.”

After a short moment, hare arrived and inquired why the two were quarrelling; monkey explained the issue and hare told lion to jump into the big hole again. Lion jumped back into the hole. Hare told monkey; “I want to see how you pulled out the lion in the big hole because when we pull lion out again, he will eat us.”