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Mr Mugagga Muto a Young Richman by Medina Bilal, Munir Primary School

In Buule village, there lived a young rich man called Mr Mugagga Muto. This name was given to him by the citizens of Buule village because he became rich at a very young age. Mugagga Muto dropped out of school after completing primary seven. This is because his parents never had money to pay for his secondary education. Having dropped out of school at the age of fourteen years old, Mugagga Muto never lost hope. He simply asked his father for two acres of land. After getting the piece of land, Mugagga Muto started planting tomatoes season after season. Since his dream was to buy a car, he kept all money he got in the bank account which he had opened in Stanbic bank.

After three years, Mugagga Muto had enough money to buy a car, he then asked his close friend Kigongo to accompany him to a car bond. At the car bond, there were different cars from Mugagga Muto chose Raum. Mugagga Muto was so excited to buy a car. He felt like the whole world was under his control. He therefore drove the new car with a lot of excitement when he reached Buule Town, he increased the speed. In a few minutes Muto lost control and got into an accident sustaining serious injuries with his friend. They were admitted to Mpumudde Hospital for months, from that day Mugagga Muto learnt a lesson never to over speed again.