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Newspapers in Uganda by Minallah Shamimu, Munir Primary School

In Uganda, newspapers are read by both adult and children. There are many newspapers in Uganda which are New Vision, Daily Month, the weekly Observer are the most common English Newspaper; Bukedde, Etop, Orumuri and Rupiny are the most common newspapers published in local language. Last Thursday, Mr Okiror our science teacher bought two newspapers. He bought Etop and Daily Monitor. During lunch time, Huda and Madrama asked Mr Okorir why he bought the newspapers.

Mr Okiror told them that Etop is the Ateso version of New Vision newspaper. It published news like its English sister paper. The news he wanted was from his area. Newspapers published in local languages are only read by people who understand those languages. He also remained them that people who understand English newspapers; he bought Daily Monitor for a change. Muhanga Primary School buys only New Vision newspaper.

Both the teacher and pupils are happy, where the school buys the newspaper they also have job advertisement programme for television and radio station. The newspapers also report on education, health, the environment, parliament and many others. The headlines are mostly about politics while the back pages mostly carry sports news. There are puzzles and cartoons in the newspaper. Some newspaper come with magazine pull outs for children, these are mainly in the New Vision and Daily Monitor newspaper.

In Uganda, people prefer magazines to the newspaper; this is because the magazines publish interesting stories, poems, puzzles, pictures and cartoons. These are mainly about children whom they should not miss reading because newspapers are very educative.