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Respect and Love Everyone by Bako Suraya Akbar Brahan, Munir Primary School

This year during the first term holiday, my mother sent me to the market. She wanted me to buy cassava so I asked my half-brother Bruno to come along with me. A short distance away from home, we met an old man. He was carrying a bag made out of dry palm leaves, looking very poor and old. I wondered from village he might be coming from. He smile and greeted us, Bruno responded by I kept quiet. I did not like the way he was dressed. He then asked us to direct him to the house of a lawyer, Mr Mutebi. I never wanted to direct him but Bruno did direct him to our home. This hurt me so much that I felt like fighting Bruno, only for him to tell me that it was not right to treat strangers bad.

Immediately we got back home, my mother welcomed us. She was happy to have a visitor; the visitor was the old man we met on our way to the market. She asked us to greet him; Bruno went immediately and shocks his hand while I pretended that I was taking the cassava to the kitchen. My mother was very angry with me; she continued to shout at me saying that the old man was my grandfather. “Calm down my daughter, Bako has heard” said the old man. He then picked a watch from his old bag and handed it to my half-brother. “Bruno may God bless you my grandson”, said the old man.

Oh my God, I just missed a very beautiful watch. I was ashamed before my mother and grandfather too. Fellow candidates, I advise you to always respect elders. It is also important to help and direct strangers. Always respect, love and care for everyone.