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Shadia Nashreen, Munir Primary School

Importance of being in School

My name is Shadia Nashreen, I live in Dodoronga Village. This village is one kilometre from Munir Primary School. Every morning I go to this school on foot carrying my black bag where I put a cup and books.

At our school, lessons begin at 7:30am. Mr. Sadam teaches us social studies, he is always the first teacher in Primary seven. During break time, we line up for porridge under the big tree found in front of the head teacher’s office. Our head boy Sidiq serves us this porridge; those who forget their cups at home wait until we finish taking porridge and we help them with our cups. We eat lunch, after eating; we rest under the trees in our compound. When afternoon lessons begin at 2:00pm, all of us are fit because we are always healthy. When lessons end at 4:00pm, we all walk slowly back home.