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Shadia Nashreen, Munir Primary School

Transport and Communication

My name is Shadia Nashreen, I live in Dodoronga village and I am in P.7 at Munir Primary School.

There lived two men called Juma and Nazif, Juma was Nazif’s conductor. One day Nazif was sick, Juma took his vehicle and started driving towards Arua. When he reached Kuru, he knocked down a cyclist. The people who witnessed the incident wanted to beat him up but instead he ran away for his life leaving the vehicle and Nazif’s card behind. When traffic officers came to the scene, they took the vehicle and the card with them to the police station. They recorded Nazif’s name in their book. When Nazif heard of the accident, he went to the police station to record a statement but instead was just arrested. He tried to plead with but the police men told him; “your offence is a capital one”, we have to put you in the cell until your witness comes to testify. On the wall, there was a police notice reading; “NAZIF 46 WANTED BY POLICE”, as Nazif entered the cell followed by a police man with a gun, he saw the notice and got worried. In the cell, one of the prisoners asked him what offence he had committed, he answered; “Juma committed an offence instead I was arrested.”