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The Clever Cat and Mrs Weaver Bird by Hafizu Zubair Khamis, Munir Primary School

Once upon a time, there was a neighbour called Mr Cat. He lived near a family of weaver birds; he caught many mice before he became old and weak. For many days, Mr Cat went out but he was not able to catch anything that day. One day, he thought of a trick. He dressed himself like a doctor and went to Mrs Weaver bird’s house. Mrs Weaver bird’s young children were playing outside the window of their house. When they saw Mr Cat, they ran inside and hid themselves. Mrs Weaver bird did not know what the matter was with her children. She went to the window and looked outside. “Oh it is Mr Cat, he wants to play a trick,” said Mrs Weaver bird. She went back to the room and whispered something into Mr Weaver bird’s ear. Before he came back home, Mr Weaver bird had been collecting insects for their children to eat. Mr Weaver bird said to his wife, “Go and find out what Mr Cat wants.”

Mrs Weaver bird didn’t go to the door instead went to the window and shouted to Mr Cat, “Do you want anything from us?” “Oh no, thank you Mrs Weaver bird; allow me to help you.” said Mr Cat. “Oh no, thank you Mr Cat” answered Mrs Weaver bird, “We are all well and happy and we do not need any help from you.” So Mr Cat could not catch any of Mrs Weaver bird’s children. He went back very sad. When Mr Cat had gone, Mrs Weaver bird gathered together all her children and asked them, “Why did you all run away?” The children answered, we had seen Mr Cat before you saw him and we were afraid. You did well to run away and hide. I want you to hide whenever you see a cat. From that day Mrs Weaver bird’s children have been very careful about cats. They always stay inside their house until they learn to fly.