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The Sports Day by Hafizu Zubair Khamis, Munir Primary School

Nkondo Primary School organized a sports day. All pupils were divided into houses and each house had a house leader elected by the pupils of that house. The houses were Victoria, Kyoga and Albert. Victoria had its leader Catherine. All teachers liked her because she was hardworking and well behaved. Catherine was at first doing well, as she was practicing with her house members on daily, time came when she was doing the opposite. She became proud of herself in front of other pupils. Whenever she was given some items like glucose and sugarcane to be given out during practice, Catherine kept them to go share with her friends in the dormitory. Her behaviour did not please the members of the house. They decided to report the matter to the house master.
One morning, the teachers and pupils of Victoria house gathered to prepare for the general practice for all the houses. During the meeting, members talked about Catherine’s conduct. Some said that they had given up but the teachers advised Catherine to apologize to the members. In the afternoon, the houses assembled for the practice. This saw Victoria’s participants becoming last in each race. Catherine lost fame and became quiet. The rest of the houses beat Victoria in each and every event. After the general practice, Catherine called her members and apologized. She called upon them to regain the house’s spirit. This made her buy glucose using some of her pocket money.
The long awaited day came and the participants assembled in the field in the first event of the long race, the first and third positions were taken by Victoria house. When the results of the field events were brought at the recording table, Victoria house was leading in most of them and this made Catherine and her house-mates very happy. Finally results were announced, guess what? Victorians were the champions of the year in Nkondo Primary School and they won themselves a bull.