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What You Need to Know About Covid19 by Subra Hatima Mahamud, Munir Primary School

Did you know?
Facts about covid19, living through the covid19 pandemic is unlike anything I have experienced before. Covid19 is a deadly virus said to have mutated from bats and maybe pangolins. This virus started from Wuhan pet market in China where bats, alligators and other animals are sold. Covid19 has spread all over the world including Africa. As the cases began to rise in Uganda the government decided to lockdown the country. The spread of the virus led to the closure of schools and learners had to study from home. This did not affect me because I was already home schooling. I am really glad that Covid19 has not hindered my progress in school. The pandemic has given me time to spend with my family, reading novels and playing netball as well as acquiring new skills and I also made new friends in the neighbourhood. Life has actually been interesting and exciting in its own way.

Covid19 has had both positive and negative effects. The waves of covid19 have killed many of our friends and family. The main positive effect in lockdown has been that infection rates reduced. Sadly people have struggled to survive because with no income to get their basic needs. During the covid19, it brought different cases like early pregnancies, school dropout which increased crime rates. But nevertheless, my life right now is quiet and praise God. For the happy times in this pandemic. At the moment we are out of the lockdown and life is more like it used to be. Thankfully, the Independence Day has come and soon we are going to break up for holidays and life is getting back normally.

We need to pray to God for deliverance of our country. For if our country is destroyed the people will be destroyed as well; the government should continue to make sure that people are vaccinated. If this is done, people will have more freedom to work so that they can make more money. Personal discipline is also necessary. If we obey the standard operating procedures put in place by government, we shall defeat the corona virus. I pray that God will give our leaders wisdom to make the right decisions. I also pray that God will drive us from the corona virus.

I promise that one day covid19 pandemic will be history and everything will be as it used to be.